Saturday, January 31, 2009

Twitter and tag cloud

I have been playing with the blog template recently, while figuring out how to move on with the RankSearch project.
You will notice two visible changes to the right-hand side of this blog:
  1. A link to my twitter profile
  2. Added a tag cloud in replacement of the list
Some other changes that are not visible:
  1. Added my blog's feed automatically to twitter and thanks to
  2. Played with my feed's settings to redirect all post feed traffic to FeedBurner
The twitter button was taken from here among a huge selection of templates.

The tag cloud was set in place thanks to frivolous motion's excellent post. It doesnt add a title by default but the solution was in the comment section. Just make sure to select the right line containing

and add just after it:

The "includable" line in question is the one right after the html tag for your tag cloud widget:
Make sure you have checked the "Expand Widget Templates" box in the Edit HTML page.

French expression of the day:
"C'est mon petit doigt qui me l'a dit": a little bird told me (litt. My little finger told me)

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  1. I had never heard of I rushed over there after seeing your tweet and signed up! Thanks for the tip Damien!