Friday, January 2, 2009

Change of plans

Don't worry, I am still planning to learn all the Perl I can safely ingest.
My change of plans concerns our first Perl project.
I realized that counting C code lines might not be everybody's idea of having fun.
Although the line counting script had potential for starting slowly and building up on features, I decided to start on a much more interesting subject:
  • Our first Perl script will be parsing pictures files taken from a digital camera.
  • It will give the option of renaming files according to the metadata located in jpeg files or it will just display the file information without touching the file name.
  • Information read from the file could be: date when picture was taken and resolution (width x height) for starters.
I've put up a poll at the top of the blog for you to approve/disapprove this move. This will also allow me to check if anybody is reading this blog besides me ;)
I am open to any suggestion if you have a better idea.

You'll notice that I've listed the posts to come at the bottom of each message. This is more a guideline than an exact prediction of the future. In my next post, I'll try to talk about how I plan to make this blog known all over the web (how hard can it be?).

French word of the day:
"une désillusion": a delusion

Next posts:
  • Learning how to publicize your blog
  • How to get Perl and set up your environment (Windows and Linux)?
  • Hello World program
  • Search Engine Optimization for your blog
  • First version of FileInfo script

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