Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get a grant from the Perl Foundation!

The Perl Foundation (an organization dedicated to advance the Perl language) is offering grants ranging from $500 to $3000. Those will be bestowed upon the best projects that will benefit the Perl community. You must submit your project before January 31.
An example of project that was awarded such a grant in the past is Strawberry Perl.
Another landmark in Strawberry Perl 's list of achievements is that it came up first in our survey about the Win32 Perl distribution of choice for DLP.
There will be more on Strawberry Perl in another post but I'd be interested to hear from you why you selected it over ActivePerl.

French word of the day
"une fraise": a strawberry

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1 comment :

  1. I chose Strawberry Perl because it allows you to create Windows executables (i.e binary files with .exe extension) from Perl files (with .pl extension).
    In fact with Strwberry Perl, and its CPAN capabilities, you can install the module "perlcc", which you can use to convert your perl script (with extension .pl) into Windows executables (with extension .exe).
    The module "perlcc" is not available as PPM in ActiveState repository or in others PPM repositories (or at least I've not been able to find it).
    I think the reason why ActiveState doesn't include "perlcc" in its PPM repository is due to the fact that ActiveState, in its editor and IDE Komodo (which you have to pay to use), offers the possibility to convert perl script into executables.
    So there is a conflict of interest between ActiveState product Komodo and the CPAN module "perlcc". As a consequence, I found really difficult to convert perl script into executable while using ActiveState Perl without their editor Komodo; therefore I move to Strawberry, that offers a complete coverage of the wisdom present in CPAN modules, included "perlcc".