Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Google Love

On Sunday night, a search in Google for "Damien Learns Perl" returned this blog in the results!
This means that I am in! "Google he knows me, and he knows I'm right" as would sing my friend Phil.
A search for "learns Perl" returned this blog in second position behind... Soumya Learns Perl!
Her site (I assume she's a girl) is a wiki and it looks like it is not updated any more.
Anyway, it looks totally different from what I want to do.

I also stumbled Damien Learns Perl (DLP). I am an avid Stumbler and I have discovered plenty of interesting website by using the Stumble bar. You too can give DLP the thumbs up! If you don't know Stumble Upon, discover it at your own risk: it is highly addictive...

A search on Yahoo did not return anything so I addedd my blog to the Yahoo site explorer.

Summary of my actions so far to make DLP known:
- Submitted DLP's URL to Google and it took less than 3 days to get listed.
- Added DLP's URL to one directory
- Added DLP to the Stumble Upon's search by writing a review and adding as many tags as I could: (computers, programming, open-source, perl, blogging)
- Submitted DLP's URL to Yahoo (on Sunday night)
- Added AdSense ads on the blog: so far it has earned a little bit over $3! I'll keep you posted on the numbers.
- Advertised DLP on Facebook to get more readers in my blog's network: I am up to 12 readers as of Tuesday night, thank you all! Because I have over 11, I have "unlocked" the blog feed feature.

French proverb of the day:
"Tout vient à point à qui sait attendre": All good things come to him who waits

Next posts:
  • What's that Blogroll thing that you added?
  • How to get Perl and set up your Windows environment?
  • How to install Google Analytics on your Blogger blog
  • Hello World program
  • How to publicize your blog - Part II
  • First version of FileInfo script


  1. 3 dollars! I clicked on your ads to get the experiment rolling:) I have never really used Stumble Upon! I will try it:)

  2. Hey Marie, nice to see you again. Watch out for the Stumble Upon addiction! The best way to use it is to add the toolbar. You can also send websites to other people who have a Stumble Upon account, with just one click of the mouse.