Monday, February 2, 2009

RankSearch script: the end of a bad idea

The good folks over at StackOverflow convinced me to take the right decision: although writing a script to automatically retrieve web rank results would probably have been ok for a private program, I feel uncomfortable publishing it.
Making public a forbidden tool would certainly have attracted all kind of bad attention.
So, before it's even written, the RankSearch project is cancelled!
It even started badly as the original name was and unnerved the people of (see, I offer a free link in compensation ;).

So, it looks like I need a new project. Thanks for leaving your ideas in the comment section.

In the mean time, I can only recommend reading what chromatic has to say about writing maintainable Perl code over at Modern Perl Books. I promise I'll start writing more Perl soon, to give fodder to his cannon! Hey, if I can get an expert's code review out of it, I consider it a win-win situation.

The Perl Review
I recently subscribed to The Perl Review. The digital edition only set me back $10 (or less than 7 euros) and I have access to all the (17) back issues. Brian D Foy (the publisher) himself edited my StackOverflow question (alright Brian, you were correct, mine wasn't exactly a Perl question but see how I spell Perl correctly with a capital 'P' now!).

French expression of the day:
"de la chair à canon": cannon fodder. Notice how the French and English spell "can+on" differently.

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  1. Perl may be Perl and not perl, but Brian D Foy is brian d foy.

  2. It is the end of a good idea! You didn't know what stringent rules you'd have to play by! Off to your next adventure:)

  3. Thanks Marie! I got a new idea and it looks like Dave from has already something close to what I want.
    More to come soon...

  4. To confirm what Dave is saying about brian d foy's name , see