Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New colors

That white background was just frying my eye balls out, especially late at night!
Let it not be said that I don't take care of my readers' health. It is not Blackle yet but it is an improvement for sensitive eyes (I think... except if my new choice of colors makes you sick...).


  1. Green was the colour that Desmoulins told the stormers of the Bastille to wear! My eyeballs are officially unfried! (yes I had to ask Francois what colour this was...) But being colou blind has it's perks! I bet you don't have your UNO cards labeled:)

  2. I am glad that you stayed away from black. I'm sick of those!

  3. Hi Damien, personally I preferred the white, but I'll see if the green grows on me (no pun intended :-)