Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rebel Code

I just finished reading "Rebel Code" by Glyn Moody and I really enjoyed it so here's a short review.
"Rebel Code" is an older book which relates the story of high profile Open Source projects from the beginning of the free software movement up until 2001.
I picked it up at a local Atlanta library and I had little idea about what I was going to find inside. I saw that it talked about the story of GNU/Linux and that was enough to arouse my curiosity.
The book is a great read for those wanting a short history of Open Source development. The author did a good job transitioning between various stories (The Free Software Foundation, Linux, Perl, etc.) and the result is a fun and instructive read. I finished it in 4 days.
It makes me want to read an hypothetical volume two that would span from 2001 up to the present day.

I highly recommend "Rebel Code - Inside Linux and the Open Source revolution" to all those who want to learn about the mythical free software coding feats, all the way from Richard Stallman's and Linus Torvald's first works.

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