Friday, February 12, 2010

Google AI Challenge: move Perl up the charts!

If you get snowed in this week-end, here's a fun way to pass the time: enter the Google AI challenge!
Organized by the University of Waterloo (Canada) and sponsored by Google, this challenge lets you compete in a game of Tron against other people's algorithms from a wide selection of programming languages.
Sadly, Perl is not widely represented and the highest Perl score is at the 176th rank as of this Friday night.
The contest ends on the 26th of this month. Who will care to test their Perl skills?


  1. I care both at testing my perl skills as well as trying have a perl program to beat the current high score.

    I have started something on - feel free to fork and patch.

  2. I know it's over now.. just wanted to check if this event happens every year??

  3. Pradeep,
    the 2010 Google AI challenge is up!
    Check out:

    This year's theme is based on the iPhone game "Galcon".

    No Perl entry yet!!