Monday, June 1, 2009

Perl Iron Man

Ok, I've failed in the Perl Iron Man contest: it has been more than 10 days since last post :(
But after the first thrills due to the project's novelty, there are not a lot of incentives coming from the Perl Iron Man organization (unless I've somehow missed it?):
I was expecting leaderboards, post of the month, constructive critiques of blogs by writing professional, cheering pom pom girls, etc.
I'm feeling a little bit let down right now...


  1. I thought it was more of a "self challenge" like the Iron Man contest itself.

  2. The things you want are coming soon. Folks have day jobs that are preventing rapid deployment of such incentives. Also, you could help out by volunteering, code wise.

  3. don't be discouraged, this is just the start. As has been mentioned, we are all paid for day jobs and making time for blogging as well as actually developing our open source contributions is a balancing act.

  4. So what if there's been more than 10 days? You're back at "Paper Man", which you *already are*! You'll get promoted to "Stone Man" a month or so after the more assiduous posters.

    If you were the first to fall (and you might not have been), be also the first to stand up again. Make us proud!

    Besides, I might not have commented any of them, but I was really enjoying your "Damien Learns Perl" posts (it was one of those from the RSS feed that really got me into reading them), and I'm pretty sure other people were enjoying them too. Don't let all your fans down :)

  5. I also enjoyed your posts -- particularly the fact that you were showing real code solving real problems rather than just giving your opinions about Perl-topic-of-the-month.

    So you went longer than 10 days -- big deal. Just pick yourself up and keep going.

  6. I agree with garu and dagolden. Your blog is great at doing what the Iron Man contest was set up for: getting the word out on Perl! Your choices in topics and style of writing makes your posts great!

  7. @Robert
    I can understand and respect that. But a little perk is nice also ;)

    I know that people at Enlightened Perl have day jobs. So do I. I just was pointing out that they announced all these incentives and the updates are very few. We don't even know if anyone is working on them. Give us some progress report and ask for help if you need it!
    Just knowing that something is coming our way as opposed to being left in the dark and feeling abandoned is a great motivator! This Perl Iron Man is a great idea. I care about it and want it to be as good as it could be!

    nice pseudo! I agree with what you say.

    @garu, dagolden and Marilyn,
    thanks for the kind words. Damien is down, but Damien is not dead! Not even transfixed... ;)

  8. Hey! There is only room for one "transfixed but not dead" here ;-)

    Overall I think Iron Perl as been a roaring successful. Certainly keeps me busy just reading all these new & wonderful blog posts!

    And it as had the desired affect because it has raised the Perl awareness in places like Reddit & Hacker News.

    So keep it up Damien et al. Onwards & upwards....


  9. I'm working on them. I even have a git repo with code in it that should produce the badge stuff.

    However, I suck and I've not quite had time to make it all work. Sorry.

    Tomorrow I'll either post that it's up and running or post why it isn't with an invitation to people less retarded than me to fix it.

    Keep going, dude, your posts have been fucking awesome so far!

  10. @draegtun,
    I KNEW I could get you to leave a comment! ;)

    great news! That's what I've been wanting to hear all along. You don't suck at all, you rock! As draegtun says, Iron Perl is looking to be a real success so far.

  11. Heya. Just another voice to say don't give up!

    I have _also_ failed already :) That's not really the point of it, at least as far as I'm concerned, so you should keep going.

    WRT extra 'stuff' - this is a community effort, no company is really putting money into it, so extra incentives will be what people get round to doing. There is a fairly active irc channel (#epo-ironman on, and people are doing stuff, even if none of it has come to fruition yet. Please feel free to stop by and help out there if you have time or inclination ;)