Monday, April 20, 2009

How to set up Notepad++ to follow the perlstyle guidelines

I discussed the perlstyle guide in a previous post.
Today I will show how what I did to set up Notepad++ and Padre (v0.29) to automatically follow the recommended format.

4-column indent
In Notepad++, Settings>Preferences. Select the "Edit Components" tab. There is a box with Tab setting. Set tab size as 4 and check "Replace by spaces"

In Padre, go to Edit>Preferences. There is a checkbox called "use tabs" but I have not noticed any difference whether it is selected or not. I left it checked. In "TAB display size", put 4.

Trim trailing spaces
This is a personal addition of mine. It makes it easier to perform file comparison when you are not distracted by pollution from extra space characters.

In Notepad++, use the "Trim Trailing Spaces" option from the Edit menu (shortcut: CTRL+T).

Do you have any more settings you'd like to share?