Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello World

Just as I am about to open my Perl book while the family is away, I am struck by a thought: wouldn't it be cool to display in a blog my progress in learning the language? This will allow to:
  • Motivate me to learn the language without dropping after a few weeks
  • Share my experience with other programmers so that we could learn together
  • Find interesting projects to work on based on reader comments
I also plan to sparkle this blog with a few articles from themes that interest me: table tennis tips, software testing, PC games, blogging for beginners, etc.
Because I am lucky enough to be proficient in both languages, I will end each post with a new French word or expression.

My blog is aimed at Perl beginners. More skillful users are absolutely welcome to leave their insights in the comments section.

The first project that I will start will be a Perl version of CCCC (C and C++ line counter and other software metrics).

Hope you will enjoy the ride with me!

The French word of the day might prove useful tonight:
- "Joyeuse année 2009!": Happy new year 2009!

Next posts:
  • Who am I?
  • Why Perl?
  • How to get Perl and set up your environment (Windows and Linux)?

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